Proper use of sharing art

Proper use of sharing art is:

Do not copy work of others and say that it is yours.

It is OK if the person gives you permission to change the image a little bit.

Permission is an important in use of sharing online things.

Do not copy.

From, William


Thin Mints VS. Tagalongs

William: I am going to convince my mom that Thin Mints are better than Tagalongs.  Mom:  In my opinion Tagalongs are the best cookies ever. William:  Thin Mints make your breath better and that good breath comes in the form of a cookie. Mom:  Tagalongs give you a burst of 2 amazing flavors, peanut butter and chocolate in one bite. William:  Example:  Thin Mints are the most popular Girl Scout cookie. Mom:  Example:  You can enjoy Tagalongs all year round if you freeze them.  They are like a frozen candy bar Popsicle! William:  Thin Mints can be shared with 16 people as there are 16 cookies in a box. Mom:  Tagalongs melt in your mouth, not in  your hands. William Conclusion:  I think it is clear that Thin Mints are the best choice! Mom:  As you can see, it is obvious that Tagalongs are the best cookies! What is your favorite cookie?



The Flyease8  are amazing shoes. They are  super helpful to kids with disabilities because they can be put on or taken off with one hand. I think that kids will enjoy them. I think they look comfortable. I hope to  someday wear them.  I dream to meet Matthew Walzer one day he looks very nice. What is you’re favorite 2015 invention.

The Super Bowl

This week on Sunday, the Super Bowl will be held in San Francisco, CA.  The two teams playing are the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  I want the Panthers to win because I like their team.  They are my second favorite team, Green Bay is my most favorite.  I think the Panthers will win and I think the score  will be 45 to 34.  Who do you think will win?

My favorite place to be

My favorite place to be is Hawaii.  It is super warm and fun too.  I went to the big island and had lots of fun with my family.  We were there for my dad’s birthday and Thanksgiving.  It was much warmer in Hawaii than here in Oregon.  My favorite part, was the clean water and seeing a lot of turtles.  I am going back again over Spring Break and I am looking forward to it! Where is your favorite place?

About Phil Knight

Phil Knight started out living in Portland, Oregon and went to University of Oregon and he set a running record.  His coach was Bill Bowerly.   Coach told Phil he was going to start a shoe business and would Phil like to be a partner.  Phil said yes and they became business partners in Blue Ribbon Shoes.  Phil was still in college, then graduated from U of O and went to Stanford.

Blue Ribbon got renamed as Nike.   In  1985, Nike made shoes that were so colorful that the NBA banned them.  But Michael Jordan wore them anyway.   The shoes were so popular that the NBA allowed them.  Today Nike shoes are still more popular than ever and Phil Knight is still alive.

Who are you interested in learning more about?


Resolutions are goals to achieve.  Mine are:resolutions are:

1.To read 90 minutes a day.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

3.  Be a better person by feeding my dog more.

4. Spend more time with my family.

5. Share with my family more.


6.Give more accolades to people.

What are your resolutions?


Kindness is a beautiful thing.  I can remember when someone did a kind thing for me.  I fell in football and they asked if I was okay and helped me up.  So when they fell, I helped them up.  Try to be kind every day. It’s as simple as smiling at a person.  Using manners like thank you and please are kind words to use to others.  It is important that you are kind to people because they will be kind to you too.


I am thankful for my family and friends.  For example my dad helps me prepare for sports by practicing with me and coaching my teams. I’m thankful for the time he spends doing those things.  I’m thankful for my neighborhood and community I feel safe from danger. I feel like even when I go to the beach people are friendly and helpful and I can trust people.


One of my classmate’s uncle came to our class. He’s from the Cherokee tribe. He made a drum out of buffalo skin. He learned to shoot a bow and arrow when he was three. He was wearing a leather outfit. It was cool that he earned three Sacagawea dollars by performing  at a funeral. I really enjoyed seeing him.

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